Documents needed

All necessary documents required for correct hunting in Spain are as follows:

  • Firearms permit
  • Hunting licence (*)
  • Hunting insurance (*)
  • Signed authorization for hunting mountain goats (*)
  • Passport

(*) You must send us a copy of your passport to process documentation


Remember: It is not necessary to bring your own arms as we have 20 new generation rifles at your disposition (Blaser, Weatherby, Mauser and much more with Zeiss and Swarovski optics).

Travelling with firearms to Spain

To bring firearms into Spain you must follow these guidelines:

  1. Contact the Spanish consulate in your State (2 months before the trip) and they will inform you on your hunting trip to Spain. You must fill in a form, giving personal details, information on your firearm and further information provided by us including hunting dates, species and the hunting area. You must also attach legally certified copies of your passport and American hunting licence to prove that you hunt in your own country. Once this information has been processed, you will receive a certificate allowing you to travel to Spain and hunt with your own firearm.

Ammunition must be kept in a metallic or plastic box separate from the firearm case.

  1. Send us a scanned copy of the certificate so that we can start procedures here in Spain. You must bring the original certificate and documents for your firearm with you.

  2. Once you have reached your airport of destination in Spain, collect your luggage and pass through customs, where our staff will be waiting to accompany you to the Police Department and then for the rest of the journey.