Unique cultural heritage close to Espadella

Castellón treasures a cultural heritage unique for its variety and contrast. You will find everything from rock art of the Iberian Mediterranean Basin, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, to the most avant-garde works side by side at the Espai d’Art Contemporani.

Morella offer an impressive Archpriestal church, has in its museum a great number of high-quality pieces: Renaissance reliefs, Gothic sculptures, gold and silverware, and 16th century Gothic panels. Along with this museum, which is the oldest in the city, Morella has created a series of exposition areas beneath the epigraph Museus de Morella. They are devoted to the history of the city, photography, palaeontology (with a good collection of dinosaur remains), Sexenni fiestas, etc.

Traiguera offers Roman ceramics, antique wood-carved altarpieces, and an important collection of gold and silverware, as well as several Gothic chalices, reliquaries and an impressive monstrance created by Juan Olcina in 1415.

In Peñíscola you can visit the Sea Museum (Museo del Mar), which reflects the maritime tradition of these lands.

One of the most interesting collections of quaternary rock art are the paintings of Valltorta where one can contemplate retouches and additions which take in the period which stretches from 8000 to 2000 BC, or from the Mesolithic to the Eneolithic. These paintings, declared a World Heritage Site, may be visited, leaving from the Museum of La Valltorta.