This noble venative art, with more than eight centuries of antiquity, is a unique and unequaled form of hunting and finds its mark in the identity in the indispensable participation of the rehala of dogs as differentiating element from the rest of the hunts practiced in the world. The Montería is the queen modality of the big game in Spain.

The hunt consists of delimiting a certain extension of land, generally of sierra or dehesa, with a number of hunters (hunters) stationed in places of passage and natural escapes of wild boar, deer, fallow deer or mouflon, to then make several loose dogs (rehalas) simultaneously in order to beat the spot and raise the cattle of their encames to accommodate them to the positions, where the hunters try to hunt them in their flight.

As a form of collective hunting that is, the success of the hunt lies in the work and the good work of all those who participate in the active form, from its preparation and organization to the hunting form and the reception of the day of the hunt. For that reason, La Espadella thanks to its lands and services can offer the most spectacular monterías in the best area of the Iberian system, in the heart of the Maestrazgo de Castellón.

Therefore, the results obtained by the hunting day should always be analyzed from the point of view of the collective view and there is no particular level of one or another position. In montería, the success of one in the success of all and vice versa.

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