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From the Espadella we organize the hunting of the 4 varieties of Spanish Ibex recognized by the SCI. We have the best hunting areas in Beceite, Gredos, Sierra Nevada and Ronda.

We pick up the hunter when he arrives in Spain and we manage the trips to the different hunting areas, where we have the best accommodations.

The Spanish Ibex lives between cliffs and high rocks, it is the most emblematic and exclusive species of big game in Spain. The Spanish Ibex is hunted in the form of stalking, which gives it an always exciting cast and that most lends itself to the selection of the precious trophy.

Depending on the subspecies, its coat mixes black, grayish and brown colors. His body is strong and robust. Both the males and the females have horns, the latter being much smaller.

The horns of the males are large, rough and ringed. The horns grow proportionally with age, one ring per year. Of strong and robust build the male has a large antler, without ramifications, rises vertically until it deviates slightly backwards, or is completely open.

Beceite Ibex

Beceite Ibex is located in mountains of Castellón and Teruel provinces, bordering the Beceite National Reserve (Els Ports and Maestrazgo), We do the stalking in natural hunting areas that for years have been managed so that today they can practice hunting with 100% success assured. The trophy is characterized for having the horns open towards the front.

Gredos Ibex

Gredos Ibex is located in mountains of Salamanca, Cáceres, Ávila, Madrid and Toledo provinces. We do the stalking in areas of Sierra de Gredos. The hunting spaces in which the hunting is practised have been managed during years in order to allow today a successful hunt. The trophy is characterized by the lyre form of the horns with three distinctive deviations quite noticeable.


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Southeastern Ibex

The subspecies of Southeastern Ibex, also called Sierra Nevada Ibex is located in Granada province. We do the stalk hunting in Sierra Nevada. These hunting spaces have been managed during years in order to allow today a successful hunt. The trophy is characterized by the convex form of the horns toward the back from the beginning.

Ronda Ibex

Ronda Ibex is the smallest subespecies of the Spanish Ibex. They are located in Marbella and we do the stalking in areas of the Serranía de Ronda. These hunting spaces have been conserved during years in order to allow today a successful hunt. The trophy is characterized by the horns that grow upward really closed and almost without deviation.

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