Hunting form: The hide hunting and stalk hunting can be used for the Roe Deer hunt. The Roe Deer owns a vision and hearing really developed that allows him to hear the slightest noise and detect the smallest movement, that’s the reason why this hunt is particularly appreciated by the hunters. Roe Deer is the smallest specie, for that reason known as the “Goblin of the Forest”.

Hunting area and season: Private lands belonging to the provinces of Castellón and Teruel, bordering the Tortosa Beceite National Reserve, where you can practice the Roe Deer stalking from the months between April to October, both inclusive. They are natural hunting spaces that for years have been managed so that today they can practice hunting with 100% success assured.

Trophy: At 5 years old it owns three or even four ramifications in each horn and it’s then that we can tell if the specimen is really adult and suitable for hunt.

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