The Mallorcan wild goat or Balearean Boc is one of the first species introduced by humans in the Balearic Islands, originally from western Asia, which adapted quickly to island ecosystems. It is one of the latest additions to the list of SCI hunting species.

Hunting form: Stalking. For this we have a team of professional hunting guides who have a complete knowledge of the terrain, the preferences of the animals, their abundance and location, so this is essential to obtain success in the hunt.

Hunting area and season: Private lands belonging to the Mallorca Island, in the mountain ranges of Tramuntana, where the stalk hunting of the Balearean Boc is possible during all year long. It is a truly beautiful hunting because the stalking takes place in mountains close to the Mediterranean Sea. They are natural hunting spaces that for years have been managed so that today they can practice hunting with 100% success assured.

Trophy: The horns always present in the two sexes, are of great development in the males, open, elongated and spiral. The females have horns of very short length and thickness in the form of an arc, parallel and not spiral.


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