Castellón Interior is synonymous with nature, historical and artistic heritage, gastronomy, fiestas, tradition, with accommodation where you will feel more comfortable even than at home… come and discover it. The appeal of inland Castellón merits a special mention. Its climate varies according to altitude. It is more severe towards the higher regions of the interior, generally dry and pleasant and accompanied by splendid vegetation and woodland, where one may breathe fresh air and enjoy nature.

In the northern area of the province is the county of Els Ports, whose capital is Morella, an excellent tourist city, blessed with innumerable monuments, witnesses to its intense and important historical activity. The capital of El Maestrazgo is Sant Mateu, a city notable for its monuments.

La Tinença de Benifassà, a county with a great wealth in terms of its landscape, is renowned for being one of the best areas for adventure travel. The greater part of this area is found within the Spanish Ibex National Reserve of Los Puertos de Beceite, so it is not hard to come across good examples of this lovely animal on our travels.

A luxury in the Mediterranean Coast

The province of Castellón includes the most northern territory of the Valencian Community, a region known under the tourism brand of Castellón, over the course of which stretches 120 kilometres of coast, including superb beaches and beautiful coves.

From spacious stretches of coast to hidden little coves, the province of Castellón offers, in the overwhelming majority of cases, sandy beaches that make it both more fun and safer to enjoy swimming in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. What is more, amongst the wide range of beaches available on the Castellón, there are places where you can sit back and relax in the sand with the natural aroma of oranges and pine trees. Castellón features two natural parks with virgin coastal areas: the Sierra de Irta Natural Park, made up, amongst others, of the coastal municipalities of Peñiscola and Alcalá de Xivert – Alcossebre, and the Prat de Cabanes – Torreblanca Natural Park, comprised purely of spaces from the municipalities of the same name. These parks enable us to enjoy sand and sea in their purest forms and to discover genuine natural treasures.