• La Espadella 25 Aniversario 1989 - 2014
  • Caza Macho Montés | Ibex hunting
  • Caza Ciervo | Spanish Red hunting

La Espadella: Hunting in Spain

Spain is characterized by its wonderful climate and regional contrasts, as well as for its large natural places and great touristic facilities. Its landscapes are outstanding and it’s the first European country regarding to the number of nature destinations.

In Spain the hunting tradition goes back to the beginning of times, the orography and the climate have made the animal variety, for big game hunt as much as for small game hunt, as well as the ecosystems, the most varied; from the meadow, to the leafy forests, the open fields or the high picks, offering to the most exigent hunter a large variety of the best quality hunt options.


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La Espadella owns properties in the Els Ports and Maestrazgo regions (Castellón and Teruel) where it’s possible to enjoy the hunting, the fishing and active rural tourism in the purest state. The team... READ MORE